The world is changing with each passing day. The development of future China, belongs to the people with unremitting, positive energy, mindfulness and craftsmanship. Walking together with the one who has wisdom and kind-heart, the love is infinite and hope is boundless. 

We are not only creating a piece of wax figure, but also spreading a kind of culture! 


Zhongshan Grand Orient Wax Art Co., Ltd. located in Zhongshan, Guangdong is one of the earliest organizations making waxwork creations and has been specializing in waxworks art creation for nearly twenty years.


Now we have our own professional brand wax museum “Wei Mu Kai La”. 


We got authorization from more than 70 celebrities around the world, like Yuan Longping, Yang Liwei, Lang Lang, Zhang Jizhong, Jiang Kun, Liu Xiao Ling Tong, Yu Rongguang, Li Chen, Li Rui, Pan Xiaoting, Liu Xiaoqing, Johann Sebastian Bach, Vitas and Stephen Hendry, etc. 


Grand Orient Wax Art Visual DNA:


In the “man building” plan, tradition wax art is applied as visual expressive language. 


With the super realistic skill of pursuing restoration to a DNA level, the plan implants visual DNA from outside of the life system. 


Focusing on the general phase of a specific period in life, the eternity of general phase of life is maintained in the fluid of time and space.Future has come, and visual DNA - our story, is a huge project about “man building”.